Aluminium Camlock Coupling Manufacturer in China

Hokare offers high-quality aluminum Camlock coupling available in sizes ranging from ½ inch up to 6 inches or customize.

Mainly used for delivery and suction applications of liquid or dry products including water, chemical, and petroleum.



Hokare Aluminum Camlock Coupling

The aluminum Camlock coupling also called groove couplings or aluminum cam enables the user to easily connect and disconnect the hose. It is widely used in numerous applications such as petroleum, water, and chemical transfer. The aluminum cam lock is secure, lightweight, and compatible with PT aluminum couplings and Dixon aluminum Camlock fittings.

Hokare stocks a wide range of aluminum Camlock couplings for all hose coupling needs. At Hokare, we specialize in the production of aluminum Camlock coupling to be delivered worldwide and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide hassle-free returns or replacements on our products if you are not satisfied with our Camlock. Hokare aluminum Camlock coupling is available at a competitive price.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type A
Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type A

Aluminum Camlock adapter type A mainly unites with Type C & B couplers. It is used for the delivery of fuel, petroleum, water, and slurry in an economical way.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type B
Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type B

Aluminum Camlock couplers Type B is widely used with Type E, A, and F adapters for carrying coolants, water, petroleum, hydraulic fluids, and gasoline for construction, agriculture, and industries.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type C
Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type C

Type C Aluminum Camlock coupler is integrated with stainless steel rings and handles for extended service life. It is widely utilized to carry petroleum and water products.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type D
Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type D

Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type D is usually equipped with adapter Type A, E, F & DP of the same size. It is accessible for use with low-pressure rubber hoses and suction hoses.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type E
Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type E

Aluminum Camlock couplers Type E is mostly used with coupler Type C, B, D & DC. It is ideal for the suction/delivery application of fuel, water, and chemicals.

Aluminum Camlock Adapter Type F
Aluminum Camlock Coupler Type F

Type F Aluminum Camlock couplers are used with coupler Type B, C, D, or DC with uniform size. These aluminum couplers can hold oil, water, and petroleum.

Type DC Aluminum Camlock Adapter
Type DC Aluminum Camlock Coupler

Type DC aluminum female Camlock coupler works well with adapter Type F, E, and A.  Great for sealing applications of coolants, fuels, petroleum & water.

Type DP Aluminum Camlock Adapter
Type DP Aluminum Camlock Coupler

The type DP aluminum Camlock coupler is commonly plugged into numerous couplers including Type D, C, and B to complete sealing applications.

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Aluminum Camlock Coupling Application

Hokare aluminum Camlock coupling is accessible to fit the following applications:

  • API valves road tanker
  • Bottom and top loading
  • API road tanker to Camlock adaptors
  • Camlock hose end fitting (female)
  • Camlock receipt point fitting (male)

At Hokare, you can find high-quality aluminum Camlock coupling in numerous sizes to match your needs.

Aluminum Camlock Coupling Application

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