Aluminium Lamp Shade Manufacturer

Hokare specializes in providing high-quality aluminum lampshade solutions for corporate clients that are compatible with various bulb types, including LED, GLS, and CFL. 


Hokare Aluminium Lamp Shade

Aluminum Industrial LED Lamp Shade

Industrial LED Lamp Shade

The aluminum industrial LED lamp shades are available in different surface treatments such as electrophoresis, sand nickel, chrome, etc.

Aluminum Die Casting Lamp Shade

Die Casting Lamp Shade

Our aluminum die-casting lamp shade is available in custom and standard sizes. Different surface treatments are available such as powder coating.

Aluminum Light Reflector Lamp Shade

Light Reflector Lamp Shade

Hokare aluminum light reflector lamp shade is available in custom color, shade, thickness, and size. It can be available in antique style.

Aluminum Pendant Lamp Shade

Pendant Lamp Shade

Hokare manufactures aluminum pendant lamp shade as per GB/T6892-2006 and GB/ISO2768-M standards.

Parabolic Lamp Shade

Hokare aluminum parabolic lamp shade is widely used in many industries including model industries, apparel, automotive, etc.

Wide Scope of Application

The aluminum lamp shade is designed to provide an added level of style, light modifications, and protection for light fixtures. It is widely used in homes, hospitals, grocery stores, hotels, retail spaces, offices, etc. The aluminum lamp shade is available in various uses, sizes, and styles. It is a form factor for lampshades and lamp covers.

Aluminium Lamp Shade in use 1
Aluminium Lamp Shade in use 2
Aluminium Lamp Shade in use 3
Aluminium Lamp Shade in use 4

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