Custom Bauer Hose Couplings

Hokare stocks a complete selection of Bauer couplings that are fully replaceable. Our standard Bauer couplings are available with BSP threads, hose tails, and numerous flange adaptors with 10 Bar (150 psi) working pressure. 


Hokare Bauer Coupling

45° Bend Lever Lock Bauer Coupling

The 45° bend lever lock Bauer coupling is ideal for connecting to fixed pipework resulting to fill gulley tankers or drain storage tanks.

90° Bend Lever Lock Bauer Coupling

Our 90° bend lever lock Bauer coupling is great to prevent pipework and hose kinking around corners and bends.

Lever Lock Bauer Water Pump Coupling

Hokare manufactures lever lock Bauer water pump coupling similar for use with lay-flat hose assemblies and suction.


Female End Cap Bauer Coupling

Hokare female end cap Bauer coupling is primarily used to provide a connection and isolate flow to male Bauer couplings.

Flanged Female Bauer Coupling

Our flanged female Bauer coupling is designed to provide a connection to matching sizes of flanged adaptor parts and male Bauer.

Strainer Bauer Type Coupling

We manufacture strainer Bauer type coupling available in galvanized steel in a wide range of size options and comes with lever closure rings.

Why Us

Why Choose Our Coupling

At Hokare, we have complete Bauer sets combined with stocked PVC hose to deliver assemblies and produce suction for use on farms or road tankers. Our authentic range of Bauer couplings with 12 Bar (174 psi) maximum working pressure are accessible in stainless steel and galvanized if require.


Quick to open and close without tools needed. Even in the dark, it can guarantee no loose parts.


The Bauer coupling can be bent up to 30° in any direction and is entirely pressure-tight and airtight.

Durable & Robust

Produced from high-strength steel according to DIN EN ISO 1461. Bauer coupling can guarantee abrasion-resistant.


Hokare Bauer coupling has an operating pressure of up to 20 Bar. It can provide safety for all types of pumped media.

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Bauer Coupling Design

Hokare Bauer coupling is a socket and ball connection, designed for use in dewatering, irrigation, and other agricultural uses. This style is widely accessible in durable, lightweight galvanized steel in numerous sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches.

Our Bauer coupling can be coupled at up to a 30-degree offset depending on the line diameter. This advantage enables easier installation and provides greater flexibility to the end user when routing pipes and hoses.

Components of Bauer Coupling Set

Our Bauer coupling is comprised of the following components, such as:

  • Sealing O-ring
  • Locking Lever
  • Socket
  • Ball

Bauer Coupling Feature

  • 30°C maximum offset angle, can hold the vacuum in medium levels and up to 300psi working pressure
  • Great for transferring slurry, water, sewage, powder, and granules in mining, irrigation, and industrial environments.
  • Easy installation
  • Features safety pin to avoid accidental openings
  • Equipped with dual pin locking lever polished closing action
  • Fast connect and disconnect on delivery hoses and suction
  • Hot-dipped galvanized high-grade high-tensile steel

Wide Scope of Application

  • Road construction project and civil engineering
  • Mining and tunneling
  • Delivery of wastewater, freshwater, and compressed air
  • Delivery and suction lines for on-shore/off-shore drilling, site dewatering, shore transfer
  • Civil/military emergency
  • Exhaust gas emission
  • Oil industry
Application of Bauer Coupling 2
Application of Bauer Coupling-③

Bauer Coupling Size Chart

Male Bauer Type

Bauer Size Physical Measurement
2-inchFitting A = 52mm
3-inchFitting A = 78mm
3.5-inchFitting A = 90mm
4-inchFitting A = 111mm
5-inchFitting A = 135mm
6-inchFitting A = 154mm
8-inchFitting A = 200mm

Female Bauer Type

Bauer SizePhysical Measurement
2-inchFitting A = 70.5mm
3-inchFitting A = 100.5mm
3.5-inchFitting A = 120mm
4-inchFitting A = 145mm
5-inchFitting A = 161mm
6-inchFitting A = 180.5mm
8-inchFitting A = 234mm

Can’t find the Bauer Coupling size you need? Contact us for a customized solution and professional guidance.

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