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  • HOKARE By providing consultative support to our customer’s engineered bolting applications, we help them solve problems, and avoid costly mistakes.
  • HOKARE bolts manufacturing has Precision machining solutions that are our specialty and we are readily available to discuss your bolts applications. Please feel free to contact us today to learn about our services.
  • HOKARE over 20 years Bolt Manufacturing, has been recognized as a world-class producer of engineered bolting intended for use in hostile environments and safety-related applications.
  • Precision Bolts Manufacturer

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Bolts

CNC Machining Bolts
HOKARE provides CNC Machining Bolts for many industries. HOKARE not only specializes in CNC machining Bolts but also provides you with assembly services. We can be your one-stop CNC machining Service Supplier in this area.
CNC Turning Bolts
CNC turning is the common way to make Bolts. HOKARE provide you with any CNC Turning bolts designed for use on all NC and CNC machines. We make the bolts using material 12L14 or any other material that you request.
CNC Milling Bolts
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling Bolts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the bolts by milling process.

Hokare: Your Best Steel & Stainless Steel Bolts CNC Manufacturer

With rich experience and knowledge in the industry, Hokare able to manufacture and supply a high-quality CNC bolt in China. These bolts were manufactured with an utmost precision using high grade materials including aluminum, alloy steel, steel, brass, chrome and bronze. Each material used comes in varying surface treatments. Choose CNC bolts’ surface treatments that suits your preference.


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Steel & Stainless Steel Bolts CNC Manufacturer

Further, Hokare offers CNC bolts which are meticulously tested on varying parameters by our strict quality control team to assure flawlessness and functionality.

CNC bolts manufactured by Hokare comes in different finishes and designs that can be customized according to our clients’ specifications.

Along with our wide array of CNC bolts, this includes different types including CNC carriage bolts known as coach bolt which features a countersunk or domed head.

It is also incorporated with square section underneath its head grip which prevents the bolt against turning especially if the nut is tightened. CNC Hex-head bolts are also available.

Bolts and screws such as hex-tap bolts, trim-head hex screws, hex serrated-flange bolts and hex-cap screws are all included under Hex-head bolts. These CNC bolts are designed with hexagonal head which can be driven by a hex.

Apart from those, we are also a supplier of a CNC machine bolts in China. Our CNC machine bolts come in flat point. Hokare’s CNC machine bolts have a variety of heads and types which can fit in various applications.

CNC Bolt

These are often pilot towards tapped holes. CNC machine bolts are commonly utilized with metal washers and nuts. As an addition to that, Hokare is a well-known CNC square-head bolts in China. These types of CNC bolts have 4-sided head. This allows the wrench to grip easily into the head.

Other types of CNC bolts such as CNC shoulder bolts, CNC socket-cap screws, and CNC grub screws are supplied by Hokare. All of our CNC bolts are in varying sizes in order to suit your applications.

CNC bolts from Hokare features durable and fine finish, dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance and high strength.

Hokare’s CNC bolts play a vital role in some industries such as Military, oilfield, power generation, turbines, chemical refining, marine and replacement parts.

Hokare has the best CNC bolts designed for special applications. Our state-of-the-art and modern production facilities plus well-trained staff guarantee you that you can have CNC bolts aligned to your exact requirements and high standards.

Hokare has the ability to manufacture and supply high tolerances, CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC milling Parts services.

Avail full thread configurations at Hokare. From mechanical and chemical to dimensional, we have the certifications to ensure strength and functionality of our CNC bolts.

With our competitive CNC bolts price, fast delivery and full inspection before dispatching, rest assure that you can save costs.

Hokare also has production capabilities to supply and manufacture CNC bolts quantities even from small runs and prototypes until the full production. Excellent after-sales services are offered. Purchase your CNC bolts from Hokare.

If you have question about our CNC bolts, kindly reach us! We will be happy working with you!

CNC Bolts

CNC Bolts: The complete Guide   


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