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  • The leader of Brass Parts OEM manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors have relied on the specialists at HOKARE for over 21 years. Our experience in machining brass parts has driven innovation that sets not only the bar for quality but also increases production efficiency and lead times.
  • Our programmers are ready to help you create the perfect part to fit your needs. We utilize multi-spindle screw machines, automatic screw machines, grinders, and various turning and vertical CNC machines to manufacture brass parts, fittings and components.
  • We provide one-stop shopping to our customers for brass parts, saving your cost and fitting your future.

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Brass Parts

Hokare has the strong capabilities on brass machining parts, we can custom any shape of brass parts with the machining process.
HOKARE has the strong capabilities on brass turning parts, we provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with a measurement of 25-inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch
HOKARE has the strong capabilities on brass CNC milling parts, No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the metal parts by milling process.

 Hokare: Your Best CNC Brass Parts Manufacturer

If you are hunting for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality brass part, then look no further with Hokare. Hokare brass parts factory is the leader in design and manufacture of custom brass parts throughout the world. We provide you a comprehensive turnkey of brass parts solution to thousands of customers in the leading market in China and in foreign countries as well. It includes precision instrument, automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances and many more.


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CNC Brass Parts Manufacturer in China

For over 21 years, most of the brass part leader, OEM suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors have count on at Hokare specialists. Most of the clients worldwide have relied on Hokare through years of experiences and expertise. Our vast experience in fabricating brass parts has obsessive innovation which increase production edge and lead times.

At Hokare, our friendly programmers are always ready to help our clients to create the perfect part in order to suit their requirements. In manufacturing brass parts, components and fittings, Hokare operates automatic screw machines, grinders, multi-spindle screw machines, various vertical and turning CNC machines.

Hokare offers you a wide range of brass parts. The brass parts we offered is outstanding to low friction and provides in the electrical components in smooth flow of electricity. Our offered products are particularly designed by our experts which have excellent heat stability and corrosion resistance. For that reason, it enables to withstand the electrical disturbances.

With the influence on our industry experience, Hokare is arise as notable supplier and manufacturer of an assorted brass parts in China and in foreign countries as well. Hokare brass parts we offered is fabricated with high grade of brass. Also, we can manufacture brass parts according to your requirements. All of these are available in various sizes.

Hokare brass parts products are broadly used in wide variety of industries and application, including medical, plumbing, electrical and consumer goods. The components and brass turned parts is the easiest material to fabricate, extremely durable and cost’s efficient. That is why, Hokare brass parts is mostly prefer in most companies.

Moreover, our top engineers are precisely designed brass parts with low weight and strength in order to used in electronic hardware. In addition to this, it is designed with high corrosion resistant and low friction coefficient properties. For that reason, brass machining application includes steam work, plumbing and engineering.

Hokare has a rich experience staff who carefully check each new project to amendments spot design which lead to enhanced material savings, brass screw machine parts and quickly turnaround times. Compact shape, precise diameter, light weight, maintenance free design and small size are the key features of our brass parts products. It is verified on the basis of its strength, diameter, resistance and longevity properties.

Hokare will be your one-stop shopping when it comes to brass parts, fitting your future and saving your cost. We can perform many operations synchronously by employing equipment options in multi-spindle machining and CNC turning, bringing turned brass components of traditional costs.

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CNC Brass Parts: The complete Guide