Precision Bushing

HOKARE bushing has been manufacturing in the bushing field for over 20 years,we provide you with custom metal bushing based on your design. our machining provides you with a diameter of 0.01 to 8.00 inches, a length of 0.01 to 40.00 inches, precision bushing, and a tolerance of ±0.0002 inches.

Each combination of a bushing design and material has characteristic properties that make a bushing particularly suitable for specific applications.



Our CNC Bushing Machining Capabilities

HOKARE Bushings are suitable for rotating, oscillating, and linear movements, whereas straight (cylindrical) bushings can accommodate radial loads only, and flanged bushings can accommodate radial and axial loads in one direction.

CNC Machining Bushing

Our steel bushing are all custom machining bushing, we can customized by any of your material or surface treatment requirement. Main products including Custom Bushings, Oil Groove Bushings, Extended Range Bushings, Extra-Thin wall Bushings, Tungsten Carbide Bushings.

CNC Turning Bushing

CNC turning is the common way to make a bushing. HOKARE provides you with any CNC Turning Bushing designed for use on all NC and CNC machines. We make bushing using material AISI4140 or any other material that you request.

CNC Milling Bushing

No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling Bushing,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the bushing by milling process.

Steel & Stainless Steel Bushing CNC

Steel & Stainless Steel Bushing CNC Manufacturer

Hokare manufactures CNC bushings with flexible, precise, and durable gripping options for reamers, drills, boring bars, and other shank-round tools. Our CNC bushings are designed for CNC and NC turning machines. The flexibility of Hokare’s CNC bushings is very high and has a massive function. In general, CNC bushings are components that protect equipment.

Hokare’s CNC bushings can decrease equipment wear, noise, and vibration. Our CNC bushings also have an excellent anti-corrosion effect. Hokare’s CNC bushings can facilitate the maintenance of your mechanical equipment. Our CNC bushings also simplify the manufacturing and structural processing of specific equipment.

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Bushing CNC

Product Range and Features at Hokare

Hokare offers an extensive range of CNC bushings, including B bushings (split bushings), which are known for their solid grip due to their unique design, which is flat and split.

The selection expands to C and CV bushings, designed for direct clamping and positive tool alignment, and DD bushings, a versatile hybrid of “B” and “J” styles.

Additionally, J and Z-style bushings are tailored for precise alignment and reduced vibration, enhancing rigidity and performance in machining tasks.

Custom Solutions and Commitment to Quality

Hokare provides a wide variety of standard CNC bushings and excels in creating custom solutions like step, sleeve, flange bushings, and more, all precision-ground and heat-treated for optimal performance.

With over 20 years in the industry, Hokare has become a leader in China and is committed to quality, as evidenced by ISO 9001/2000 certification.

The company’s focus on high-quality materials, customer satisfaction, and the ability to meet specific requirements makes Hokare a trusted name in CNC bushing manufacturing, ensuring clients receive durable and perfectly fitted products.

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