CNC Machined Parts

  • HOKARE CNC Machined parts can provide your MIN tolerance 0.003mm and the products comes out from our factory are whollyinspected before shipping.
  • HOKARE CNC machined parts are widely applied in RV, Mechanical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Motor, Elevator, Agricultural Machinery,Optical instrument, Aerospace.
  • HOKARE CNC machining are Suitable for any available metal material and with your surface treatment requirement.

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Machined Parts

Hokare has the strong capabilities on any CNC machined parts, we can custom any metal parts with the machining process.
HOKARE has the strong capabilities on any CNC turning parts, we provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with a measurement of 25-inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch
HOKARE has the strong capabilities on any CNC milling parts, No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the metal parts by milling process.

 Hokare: Your Best CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer

If you are looking for a reliable CNC machined parts manufacturer and supplier, you are in a right place. Hokare is able to meet every customer’s demands through a combined use plastic part & mold making, die casting experience and state-of-the art equipment. Our professional team with vast experience continually strives to perfect and refine our skills.

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CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer in China

As one of the biggest CNC machined parts manufacturer and supplier in China, Hokare can provide packaging or finishes for CNC machined parts. If you need special finishes for your CNC machined parts, Hokare’s expert team will take care of this. Hokare factory in China can send you a metal machined parts for black oxide, anodizing, plating, and heat treatment. Also, we can cater another requirement you might have. Here at Hokare, without hassle you can find CNC machined parts which have a complete finished.

Hokare can manufacture CNC machined parts from one to thousands of pieces in quantities. Costs are based on administration, amortizing set-up and cost of material over quantity ordered. But if you order large quantity, we can reduce the price of the pieces. However, Hokare will handle all your quantity requirements.

Hokare can attain just-in-time orders for your CNC machined parts. Because of this, our customer is able to place larger orders for custom CNC machined parts. Store your CNC items in our factory and we will run all Hokare CNC machined parts at once and ship when required.

As a professional CNC machining services, Hokare can customized machined parts to meet the customer’s need accurately. We can handle specialty volume, long-term, large and small orders as well. Our services incorporate design, control, consultation, tooling, packaging, shipping phases and sub-assembly. Each are modified to suit your project.

Hokare has an expert team to help your project to be guided and ensure the final products reflects your initial project. By acquiring us, your good idea for a project will turn into reality. Once you established the vision of your project, there are stages of machining, planning, assembly and post-production before CNC machined. Hokare can cater all of this.

In addition to CNC parts machining and designing, Hokare can provide inspection, support services and custom CNC machined parts packaging. At Hokare, we focus on excellent quality injection molding, mold making, CNC manufacturing part, stamping part and die casting part. In fairness, Hokare has been cooperated with thousands of customers in different country.

Our CNC machined parts factory in China obtained ISO 9001 certificate. For over 20 years of development and effort, Hokare has a great influence grown to be corporation in the field. We provide you high quality and one stop service for CNC machined parts with quick delivery and competitive price. We provide you all kinds of Hokare CNC machined parts to support your business.

For more details about Hokare CNC machined parts, don’t hesitate to visit our website. Let our expert team work for you. Excellent quality CNC Machined parts when you need them. Contact us now!


CNC Machined Parts: The complete Guide