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  • HOKARE CNC Machining provide your MIN tolerance 0.003mm and the products comes out from our factory are whollyinspected before shipping.
  • HOKARE CNC machining have a professional team which are all trained well before operation, our factory are certified by ISO9001:2008
  • HOKARE CNC machining are widely applied in RV, Mechanical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Motor, Elevator, Agricultural Machinery,Optical instrument, Aerospace.
  • HOKARE CNC machining are Suitable for any available metal material and with your surface treatment requirement.
At HOKARE CNC machining, We provide our customers with completely CNC machining service applied by our advanced 3,4,5 axis CNC machining centers. We provided our customers with high precision accuracy with 0.003mm using our vertical machining center. Custom prototype can be skyrocketed as fast as in 24h, Our skilled technology team are well trained to perform your drawing idea to production sample.
Hokare will provide top Custom CNC machining service according to your requests, drawing 2D, 3D or samples. Short lead time and delivery time.

HOKARE Capabilities

CNC Machining fabricate metal material including carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass etc, HOKARE CNC machining are widely applied in RV, Mechanical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Motor, Elevator, Agricultural Machinery,Optical instrument, Aerospace. HOKARE CNC machining wants to be your final choice for CNC machining service
CNC turning China
HOKARE provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with measurement of 25inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch.
CNC milling China
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion.

Hokare: Your Best CNC Machining Manufacturer

Hokare CNC machining is one of the manufacturing sector’s most compelling functions from production of fasteners to aerospace components and production of computers. Numerous components we seen everyday for household items were impossible to produce without the high-tech unique capabilities of CNC machining. That is why, the professional and expert engineers from Hokare who undergone a training had manufactures CNC machining to molds metal parts into complex shape.


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CNC Machining China

  1. As one of the biggest CNC machining parts manufacturer in China, HOKARE is the supplier that not only provides your precision CNC Machining but also CNC turning, CNC milling, and aluminium casting service in China.


  1. HOKARE CNC machining provides you ±0.01mm tolerance machining parts or even more strictly based on high-quality requirement.


  1. HOKARE CNC machining is widely applied in motors, hydraulics, and medical equipment. They’re suitable for any metal material and with your surface treatment requirement.

HOKARE Provide Top and Most Professional CNC Machining Service in China

Take the development of your product process to the highest level.Most industries which develop a product on a correspondent basis are pressured to be successful in short timeframes, creating innovative designs and properly engineer production designs. Thus, our unique collaborative process and our expertise will help take your design, prototyping and engineering process to the highest level which will surely alleviates your stress.

Hokare CNC machining in China is basically fall into two general categories, the novel machining technology and conventional machining technologies. That is why, we offer lathes, drill, milling machines, chemical machining and other cutting mediums.

Hokare has a vast range available of machining operations. Hokare CNC machining factory in China engagedin various types of machines, software applications and machine tools depending on the performing machine to produce the desired design or shape. A broad range of operations and capabilities offered by the Hokare CNC machining in China help to find application in numerous industries including aerospace, automotive, agriculture and construction. Also, Hokare CNC machining manufacturer in China is able to produce a range of products like screws, components and shafts.

Additionally, Hokare CNC machining is used for industrial hardware products to make metal pieces’ highly detailed cuts out. With Hokare CNC machine, the complicated cuts which need to be made angles on a work piece can performed within a minute.

At Hokare industry, we have been specialized in fabrication and the making of custom CNC machining in China for many years. Hokare CNC machining supplier in China are programmed to the customer’s accurate specifications guaranteed by our in-house expert team. Moreover, Hokare have been extended into several allied areas of expertise, such as panel wiring, machine design, metal fabrication and reverse engineering.

Around the industrial sector, Hokare’s vast range of clients have satisfied in our quality services and products through the years. Delivering exact specification of CNC machining on time to our customer is important to us. However, if you have question about our range aspects of CNC machining in China, we will answer directly to the point about the parts and pieces we prepare for customers.

Here at Hokare, our expertise in the numerous processes and tools of CNC machine is another expanded capability, from saws and lathes to turning centers and routers. Furthermore, Hokare CNC machining manufacturer and supplier in China will customize the parts of outdated or pre-existing components guaranteed by our reverse engineering services. These services are performed in our headquarters.

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