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  • At Hokare, we provide you a list of CNC milling service using our advanced machines.
  • HOKARE CNC Milling provide you tight tolerance CNC milling parts using economical way.
  • HOKARE CNC Milling would like to be your right choice of vendor in CNC Milling manufacturer in China.
  • Direct factory competitive price through our 80 well-trained workers.
HOKARE CNC machining and milling provides you with ±0.003mm tolerance milling parts or even more strictly based on high-quality requirement.
We can manufacture milling parts based on your samples,drawing as your requests,HOKARE custom CNC milling parts are widely applied in motors, hydraulics,and medical equipment. They’re suitable for any metal material and with your surface treatment requirement.

HOKARE Capabilities

CNC machining China
CNC Machining fabricate metal material including carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass etc, HOKARE CNC machining are widely applied in RV, Mechanical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Motor, Elevator, Agricultural Machinery,Optical instrument, Aerospace. HOKARE CNC machining wants to be your final choice for CNC machining service
CNC turning China
HOKARE provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with measurement of 25inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch.
CNC milling China
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion.

Hokare: Your Best CNC Milling Manufacturer

Hokare CNC milling manufacturer in China can fabricates your metal material such as aluminium, carbon steel, brass, stainless steel and many others. Our CNC milling is usually applied in mechanical, elevator, RV, motor, and agricultural machinery.


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HOKARE Provide Top and Most Professional CNC Milling Service in China

Hokare is a professional CNC milling process manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 20 years. Through years in industry and manufacturing CNC milling experienced, Hokare has independent ability of R & D on CNC milling machine, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center, and double column machining center. As the years goes by, Hokare keeps improving the professional customization ability, efficient delivery, creative R & D and professional after-sale service in order to meet the needs of our customer throughout the world.

Our CNC milling is commonly used to make tolerance tight using cut way or drill. We provide minimum tolerance of 0.0004 for your Hokare CNC milling. Each and every output product in Hokare are fully inspected by our quality control team before shipping. Hokare CNC milling manufacturer in China has trained and expert team to operate. So far, Hokare factory exceeded the ISO90001 certified.

Furthermore, Hokare offers CNC milling with different surface treatment. The stainless-steel material can be available in sandblasting, polishing, chroming, laser engraving and passive. For steel, we have nickel plating, oxide black, chrome plating, powder coating, heat treatment and carburizing.

Hokare CNC milling in China has a great advantage. Our CNC milling can equip with 4 heads and 4 independent heads which can work by linkage. Hokare CNC milling in China comes with disc cutter changer. It is made up by four independent cutter disc.

Hokare is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of CNC milling parts in China. We are a supplier which provide customers a precision CNC milling as well as aluminium casting, CNC machining, and CNC turning service in China. Based on a high-quality requirement, Hokare CNC milling manufacturer in China will provide machining parts of ±0.01mm tolerance.

In our factory, we own 50 sets of automated CNC machines. Thus, Hokare meet the customer’s fastspeed equipment and rapid delivery requirement. Because of that, Hokare CNC milling in China can save you lot time and costs which bring us the competition in China. Furthermore, Hokare has advanced machine inspection that contains roughness tester, 3-axis CMM tester, hardness tester, microscope, inner caliper, height gauge and micrometer.

Through years in industry, Hokare provide you CNC service such as CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC machining. Also, we provide our customers a full set of CNC milling. Our quick machining will meet customer’s quality requirement. At Hokare, we provide various CNC machining material in China including stainless steel, brass, steel and aluminum. We also offer custom-made CNC milling to meet your applications specification.

During assembling process, Hokare’s expert technical team undergoes quality test each step such as the guideway straightness test, spindle deflection test, and parallelism test.Hokare factory is dedicated to provide our clients the best cost-performance CNC milling in China.

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