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As China’s leading CNC precision parts manufacturer, HOKARE offers bespoke solutions, including CNC machining, turning, and milling parts and aluminum casting. Our parts boast tolerances as tight as ±0.01mm, tailored to meet varied quality demands. Our products are widely used in motors, hydraulics, and medical equipment, are compatible with all metal materials, and are customizable to any surface treatment specifications.


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Why Choose Our CNC Machining?

Hokare’s CNC Pins are pneumatically activated to enable quick and repeatable placement of cutting materials toward the CNC router.

Through CNC pins manufactured by Hokare, you can ensure that your materials will be straight and that you will acquire complete pneumatic retraction. You don’t have to worry about the pin colliding with cutting tools.

CNC Pins supplied by Hokare are all extremely robust. These can withstand repeated impacts and cannot be out of alignment.

Before heat treatment, Hokare’s CNC Pins’ hardness will range between 28 to 32 RC. However, once it has undergone a stress-relieving process and induction hardening, it can expand to 55 to 60 RC.

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