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  • At Hokare, we provide you a list of CNC lathe and turning service using our advanced machines.
  • HOKARE CNC Turning provide you tight tolerance CNC lathe parts using economical way.
  • HOKARE CNC Turning would like to be your right choice of vendor in CNC turning manufacturer in China.
  • Direct factory competitive price through our 80 well-trained workers.


HOKARE in CNC Turning over 20 years, at HOKARE CNC Turning, we provide you material for CNC turning: Stainless steel: 201,202,302,303,304,316,410,420,430 Steel: mild steel,carbon steel,20,45,4140,4340,Q235,Q345B,12L14,1215, Brass:H62,H65,H68,H70,H85,H90,C11000,C12000,C26000,C51000 Aluminium: AL5052,AL6061,AL6063,AL6082,AL7075,A380
HOKARE provide you Surface treatment for CNC Turning in China: Stainless Steel: Polishing, sandblasting,laser engraving,chroming,passivate, Steel: oxide black,nickle plating,chrome plating, zinc plating, carburizing, power coating,heat treatment. Aluminum: Anodized ,Polishing,Brushing,

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Service

CNC mahining China
CNC Machining fabricate metal material including carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass etc, HOKARE CNC machining are widely applied in RV, Mechanical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Motor, Elevator, Agricultural Machinery,Optical instrument, Aerospace. HOKARE CNC machining wants to be your final choice for CNC machining service
CNC turning China
HOKARE provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with measurement of 25inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch.
CNC milling China
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion.

Hokare: Your Best CNC Turning Manufacturer

Hokare CNC turning is widely used mostly in machining methods. CNC turning manufacturer in China is mainly used for the outer and inner cylindrical surfaces of disc parts or shaft parts. It is also used for outer conical and inner conical surfaces of any taper angle, conical & cylindrical threads and outer curved surfaces & complex inner. In addition to this, CNC turning from Hokare can be used for reaming, drilling and grooving.


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HOKARE Provide Top and Most Professional CNC Turning Service in China

Hokare CNC turning machine from China is automatically processed the parts machined according to the accessed machining program. At Hokare, we process the tool trajectory, cutting parameters, displacement, auxiliary functions, and machining process route of the parts according to the program format and instruction code. This is specified by the Hokare CNC turning and then record the program lists contents.

Hokare CNC turning in China is great to process various types of middle-sized and small plate and shaft workpiece. It also turns numerous threads, circle one, circle arc, outside and inside surface of revolved body. Hokare CNC turning is widely used in electrical appliance, sanitary, value, automobile motor cycle, instrument, bearing and so on.

Hokare CNC turning have structural features which adopts integral-style design. It optimizes the steel permutation by finite element method for thermal deformation reduction. Our CNC turning achieves low installation work by short distance and gravity low center. The aging treatment of our CNC turning is rigidity and has an excellent vibration absorption.

Here at Hokare, we can produce the CNC turning based on your drawing and samples upon request. Just send us your layout and design and our designer will make your ideal CNC turning accurately. The customize CNC turning is mostly applied in hydraulics, medical equipment and motors. Suitable for your surface treatment and any material requirement.

Sourcing Hokare CNC turning manufacturer and supplier in China allow you to provide quality and high-quality rejecting waste products. To control the automated manufacturing process, you can use our advanced CNC turning. With great quality precision CMM, control process and other testing equipment. In our factory, we have independent department of rapid production prototype to help our clients quickly produce samples and develop product design. Hokare will be your one-stop supplier of CNC turning, precision product manufacturing, surface coating, secondary processing and heat treatment in China.

Since 2008, Hokare has been a professional aluminum casting and CNC machining in China. From the material of aluminum, carbon steel, brass and steel brass can be customized. We will provide you rapid delivery, competitive price, and full inspection before we ship. Hokare is capable to be your one-stop CNC turning supplier and manufacturer.

Hokare specializes in precision CNC turning processing services and parts. Your CNC turning machine will be completed in Hokare under the most productive work. Each and every Hokare CNC turning manufacturer and supplier in China have passed ISO9001 standard certification and compliant to RoHS. Here at Hokare, we have expert team of raw material manufacturer and professional technicians. Work with us now with world-class precision CNC turning in China.

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