Precision Aluminium Casting

  • HOKARE aluminium die casting provide you custom die casting parts but also Zinc die casting as well as the whole range of CNC machining in China.
  • Hokare aluminium die casting parts that size range from 160 to 2,500 Tons, with 0.003mm machining specification.
  • HOKARE Aluminium Die Casting provide your efficient and economical solution to make the complex shape of components.
  • Precision Aluminium Casting Manufacturer

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Aluminium Casting

CNC Machining Aluminum Casting
HOKARE provides CNC Aluminium Casting for many industries. HOKARE not only specializes in CNC machining but also provides you with assembly services. We can be your one-stop CNC machining Service Supplier in this area.
CNC turning aluminum casting
CNC turning is the common way to make Aluminium Casting HOKARE provides you with any CNC Turning Aluminium Casting Designed for use on all Motors and equipment. We make aluminium casting with material alu A-380, A-383 or any other material you request
CNC Milling Aluminum Casting
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling ,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the Aluminium Casting by milling process.

Hokare: Your Best Aluminium Casting and CNC Machining Manufacturer

Aluminum Casting  is the process of utilizing aluminum alloys where its main feature is being lightweight. Aluminum has a light weight without compromising its excellent strength. It also has a good electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminum also possesses a high corrosion-resistance, attractive appearance and excellent workability. When it comes to manufacturing Aluminum Casting in China, Hokare uses aluminum which is nontoxic, non-sparking and non-magnetic. Hokare also utilizes aluminum which can be treated by almost all of the finishes.


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Aluminium Casting and CNC Machining Manufacturer

Aside from that, when manufacturing, Hokare uses different types of methods in Aluminum Casting. One method used by Hokare is aluminum die high pressure casting. This manufacturing process to which the aluminum is being injected with die casting under a high pressure towards a die or steel molds in order to form a product. This method can form an aluminum parts precisely which only requires minimum finishing and machining. This process is typically used to produce a product such as aluminum thin wall.

Aluminum die low pressure casting is another method performed by Hokare. In this method, aluminum is transferred to metallic tool from a tight furnace via rising tube. This casting method has a temperature for about 750°C. This method used by Hokare are perfect for products such as thick aluminum.

In Aluminum Casting in China, Hokare is a manufacturer who uses gravity aluminum die casting method which involves the use of steel core, molds and other metals. Products which undergone this type of method is stronger. In this process, aluminum is poured to the molds, though, sometimes vacuum is also used.

Sand casting is another method used by Hokare for Aluminum Casting in China. This method is very versatile in producing different aluminum products. This process begins by a pattern which is the copy of those finished casting. The patterns will be pressed towards the sand mixture in order to form a mold to which the aluminum will be formed.

Hokare is the most reliable Aluminum Casting supplier in China which are perfect decorative element and be utilized in various applications. With Hokare’s Aluminum Casting in China, aluminum products are durable and rust-free both suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that can withstand any climate.

Aluminium Casting

Hokare is the leading manufacturer of an aluminum casting in China for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, diesel engine parts, marine, power generation and more. Hokare also do special shapes of precision aluminum machining parts in China for small appliances, lawnmowers, hand tools and also other machinery.

If you are in an industry which needed an aluminum casting product, Hokare is your expert Aluminum Casting manufacturer in China. For more than 20 years, we continue to offer a one stop solution for all of your aluminum casting part needs along with our excellent CNC services.

Aluminium Casting

Choose Hokare because we have more than 80 well-knowledge workers to assure you quality and delivery. Moreover, our aluminum casting and CNC services comes in a competitive price. Our Aluminum Casting parts are 100% inspected by our quality control team before shipment.

To guide and assist you, our sales team is 24/7 responsive and provides an efficient after-sales services. Contact us now!

Aluminium Casting

CNC Aluminium Casting: The complete Guide

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