Custom Heatsink Manufacturer in China

Hokare is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom heatsinks that help you reduce your initial costs. A custom heatsink is compatible with different workstations.

  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Fast shipment with the high-quality heatsink design
  • One-stop manufacturing solution
  • Excellent after-sale service

Hokare Custom Heatsink

A custom heatsink is a special tool designed to dissipate and absorb heat from electronic and mechanical devices. It is manufactured according to the special specifications and requirements of customers. Custom heatsink offers a practical technique for cooling down the equipment of electronic devices while in use. Moreover, the heatsink is generally made of strong thermal conductivity, lightweight, and strong plasticity.

Hokare offers a custom heatsink design to suit your specifications. We have professional engineers to help you finalize your design from start to final production. Hokare has excellent thermal performance assessment for custom heatsink design. This capability optimizes the manufacturing process of your initial design to minimize the entire cost.

You can send us your project needs now. We offer custom heatsink design with cost-effective manufacturing.

Custom Skived Heatsink
Custom Skived Heatsink

The custom skived heatsink combines a controlled shaving technique and unique cutting tools, making a single block material.

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Custom Heatsink by Application

  • Rugged Electronic Custom Heatsink
    Rugged Electronic Custom Heatsink

    Heat pipe and vapor chamber design of custom heatsink are ideally suited for industrial and military applications where electronics exhibits rugged conditions.

  • Custom Heatsink for High Heat
    Custom Heatsink for High Heat

    Hokare offers custom heatsinks suited for applications that needed to operate under high localized thermal loads. It uses an evaporator system to minimize thermal resistance.

  • Custom Heatsink for Space Constrained Box
    Custom Heatsink for Space Constrained Box

    Hokare manufactured any sizes of custom heatsinks for space-constrained electronic enclosures. It is packed very firmly within a given space.

Custom Heatsink Advantages

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

Customized heatsink allows for the reduction irrelevant costs in heat dissipation methods. The overall production and tooling price needs are more affordable.

Desired Aesthetics
Desired Aesthetics

We can customize heatsink designs according to your preference. This means that you can get a processed finished product easily with aesthetic elements.


Customized heatsink exceeds specific application needs. thus, you can be sure of achieving overall performance and desired efficiency.

Prototype Time Reduction
Prototype Time Reduction

Custom heatsink probably minimizes prototype time since you already know all the fundamental requirements.

Materials of Custom Heatsink

  • Aluminum: Aluminum alloys such as 1050, 6060, 6061, and 6063 are common materials for the production of custom heatsinks for various applications. This material is lightweight which makes it more efficient and easily portable in large-scale applications. Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Copper: Copper has high heat conductivity compared to aluminum which makes them ideal for producing custom heatsinks. This material is non-corrosive, ductile, malleable, and heavier than aluminum.
Materials of Custom Heatsink
Custom Heatsink Finishing

Custom Heatsink Finishing

Hokare offers a wide range of custom heatsinks in numerous surface finishing options according to your application needs and preference. Here are some of the surface finishing we can offer:

  • Anodizing: It entails an electrochemical technique that transforms surface material into an aesthetic, hard-wearing corrosion-resistance oxide finish.
  • Powder Coating: The powder coating finish uses electric charges to fuse it into metal and operate dry powder.
  • Nickel Plating: This surface finish technique features yellowish-white appearances. Nickel plating finish provides excellent dimensional repeatability and solderability.
  • Chromate Finish: This technique involves transforming metal surfaces. It ensures exceptional corrosion resistance.

Custom Heatsink Manufacturing Process

  • Die-Casting: A crucial technique for fabricating custom heatsinks with complex geometry. Die casting is a common process for an aluminum heatsink.
  • Skiving: This process is ideally suited for producing custom heatsinks with special attributes. It includes metal material slicing in numerous geometry and dimension depending on heatsink profile needs.
  • Extrusion: Most suitable and sustainable fabrication process for producing a wide range of custom heatsink designs. This process uses raw materials that make it extremely cost-effective. The extrusion technique ensures higher precision and mechanical qualities for different applications.
  • CNC Machining: Relatively flexible fabrication method that makes custom heatsinks with highly geometric complexity. This fabrication technique is precise, rapid, and effective.
  • Forging: Suitable fabrication technique for high production volume.
Custom Heatsink Manufacturing Process

Hokare – Your Leading Custom Heatsink Manufacturer in China

Hokare – Your Leading Custom Heatsink Manufacturer in China
Your Leading Custom Heatsink Manufacturer in China

Hokare has expert in-house engineers to customize your heatsink designs. We can also provide no-cost thermal design services and cost-effective fabrication according to your project needs. Our team is conformed to the heatsink weight saving and thermal technology parameters. It allows us to provide you with a competitive price of a custom heatsink to save your project costs.

Hokare is your leading OEM custom heatsink manufacturer that will support your business with our extraordinary manufacturing techniques. With more than ten years of experience, Hokaii can help you find complete mechanical manufacturing services and excellent thermal solutions to meet your needs.

Send us your inquiry, our team will get in touch within 10 hours.

Hokare Custom Heatsink Design Levels

Utilize Existing Design
Utilize Existing Design
  • Ideally suited for low to medium quantity usage
  • No tooling charges are needed
  • Hokare can drill, cut, wire EDM/EDM, or machine our existing standard heatsinks
New Tooling
  • Base size, pin configuration, and shape selections are almost limitless
  • Ideally suited for medium to high volume custom parts

Hokaii Custom Heatsink Services

Custom Design
Custom Design

Our design method starts with a no-cost feasibility assessment of the heat pipe or vapor chamber heatsink design. Custom heatsinks are modeled in Excel and completed within a few days.

Custom Heatsink Prototypes
Custom Heatsink Prototypes

Prototype testing is recommended to confirm vibe and shock, thermal, and suit requirements. Since it is a custom heatsink project, it requires soft tooling. Usually, a prototype is completed in 4-8 weeks.

Custom Heatsink Fabrication
Custom Heatsink Fabrication

Hokare manufactures custom heatsinks in ISO certified, state-of-the-art facility. Our custom heatsinks are manufactured, assembled, and designed into a full assembly. We test every heatsink for structural integrity and thermal performance.

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