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Hokare Custom Hose Clamp

Hose clamps work well for connections to heating hoses, fuel lines, radiators, and other hose connections. It is significantly superior, design-wise – structurally, and aesthetically. Our hose clamps perform much better than standard stock clamps. Each clamp is customized to match your exact requirements.

Hokare custom hose clamp to make motors, show cars, and hot rods more stand out. The clamp can be made from 6061 T6 aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized. For custom hose clamps needs, industrial or automotive use, Hokare is your best source.

Give us a call for your special request.

Custom Bridge Hose Clamp
Custom Bridge Hose Clamp

The bridge hose clamp is a fixing solution for hoses, wires, and tubes. Designed and adapted to DIN3015-1.

Custom Worm Hose Clamp
Custom Worm Hose Clamp

Offer a high level of protection for connections. It comes in a range of sizes and materials; can be customized.

Custom Polypropylene Hose Clamp
Custom Polypropylene Hose Clamp

Working temperature ranges from -30 degrees to +90 degrees PA. Sizes start from O.D.6-805 mm.

Custom Wire Hose Clamp
Custom Wire Hose Clamp

Keep wires protected. Allow cables to run safely and securely. Hokare provides a wide variety of sizes and types.

Custom Screw Hose Clamp
Custom Screw Hose Clamp

It offers strong corrosion resistance. With Hokare, you can create a customized hose clamp with a 16-foot diameter.

Custom Stainless Steel Hose Clamp
Custom Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

Stainless steel hose clamp custom lengths available. Operating temperature ranges from -25 to +200C.

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Custom Hose Clamp Tools Features

  • Designed for use with braided copper hoses and stainless steel hoses
  • Connect pipes and fittings with hoses and tubes
  • Fits most braided rubber hoses from manufacturers
  • Tightened and released by a captive screw
  • Meet or exceed SAE torque specifications
  • Can be customized up to 16ft in diameter
  • Offer good corrosion resistance
Custom Hose Clamp Tools Features
Industrial and Automotive Applications

Industrial and Automotive Applications

Hokare offers custom hose clamps designed to work great for automotive and industrial uses.

Can be color coded and engraved with any information you require, including:

  • Content name, flow direction, temperature, and other details
  • Can be designed to work with almost any type of hose clamp.
  • Models with a remote foot switch or hand lever control are available for automated use
  • Utilized for constructing several hose assemblies where hose clamps are required.

Based on the hose clamp parameters, each tool is made specifically for each customer’s application.

Detailed Measurements

Knowing exact measurements allow you to select the appropriate size for your unique hose clamp. If you need assistance ordering the right size clamp, please contact us.

Clamp Number Size Ranges
1 .500-.650
2 .590-.800
3 .870-1.100
4 1.030-1.430
5 1.500-1.700
6 1.700-1.975
7 1.900-2.200
8 2.200-2.400
9 3.000-3.300
Detailed Measurements
Custom Hose Clamp Guide

Custom Hose Clamp Guide

If you are looking for a custom hose clamp tool for certain applications, we advise the following process:

  1. Give us a call. So we can go over your application in more detail.
  2. Or send email requests. Please be careful to include as much information as you can about the application, such as material specifications, pictures or videos, model drawings, etc.
  3. Please provide us samples of the materials you’ll be working with. You can participate in the testing process for free.
  4. We will send a design model for final review before starting the manufacturing process
  5. Once approved, will proceed with mass production
  6. Lead times for custom hose clamp tools will typically range from 8 to 10 weeks.
  7. We provide complete customer service and satisfaction.

Why Choose Hokare for your Custom Hose Clamp Project

Hokare has improved clamping technology over the past 24 years. We support our customers with innovative tools to meet specific needs. Each custom hose clamp is made for maximum strength and sturdiness.

We manufacture clamps to suit the requirements of high pressure and temperature use. Utilized various materials that met international standards. Our team focus on the finest-quality tools that guarantee you’ll get long-lasting products.

When you choose Hokare, you’ll find a better choice for your project.

Other Clamping Solutions

Worm Drive Clamp
Worm Drive Clamp
  • Available in both SS316 and SS300 grade
  • Made following SAE requirements
  • Improve durability and performance-oriented uses
  • Applications: oil and gas, marine, automotive, Agri, food, and beverage, etc.
T Bolt Clamp
T Bolt Clamp
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel material
  • Enhanced durability and flexibility
  • Utilized mostly in industrial procedures that involve high vibration
  • Applications: heavy trucks, duct connections, automobiles, irrigation, etc
V Band Clamp
V Band Clamp
  • Available in the whole SS300 grade series
  • SS200 grade steel or plated carbon steel is also offered
  • Offer quick and stable coupling for joining flanged joints
  • Applications: petrochemicals, engines, marine, aerospace, exhaust systems, etc.
How does a custom hose clamp function?

Customized hose clamps are made for difficult situations that regular clamps cannot handle, such as continuous high strain.

They have different design elements to reduce the possibility of the clamp’s hold loosening on the hose.

The size and material features can be changed according to particular requirements.

These several varieties of customized clamps are utilized in plumbing systems, automotive systems, and a variety of commonplace items.

Custom clamps are the ideal option if ordinary clamps are insufficient for leak-proof applications.

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