Double Bolt Clamp Manufacturer

Hokare manufactures all types of double bolt clamps in sizes, shapes, and designs.

You can choose from our wide variety of options with excellent after-sale services.

  • Provides high efficiency
  • Reusable features
  • Secure the full circumference
  • High durability materials

Hokare Double Bolt Clamp

Double bolt clamp is made from different high-grade materials. It is iron-plated and rugged with hex nuts. The double bolt clamp is capable of performing in high heat and chemical fume environments. This type of clamp can firmly secure the environment with abrasive materials conveyance.

Hokare produces double bolt clamps with accurate measures. We can guarantee that our double bolt clamp provides powerful and reliable gripping. Using our expertise, we developed a double bolt clamp with a strong and sturdy structure for better performance. For inquiries, contact us now!

Double Bolt Clamp 5-1516 in. to 6-12 in.
Double Bolt Clamp (15-1/16 in. - 17-1/2 in.)

Hokare manufactures double bolt clamps 15-1/16 in. to 17-1/2 in. in different material grades. In fact, you can send us your specific requirements or designs for this clamp.

Double Bolt Clamp 4-132 in. to 4-932 in.
Double Bolt Clamp (4-1/32 in. - 4-9/32 in.)

Our double bolt clamps are 4-1/32 in. to 4-9/32 in. built with anti-corrosion and anti-resistant features. It also prevents rust from spreading all through the body.

Double Bolt Clamp 3-2532 in. to 4-116 in.
Double Bolt Clamp (3-25/32 in. - 4-1/16 in.)

Our double bolt clamp 3-25/32 in. to 4-1/16 in. is ideal for preventing flow leakage. Our double bolt clamp can be made up of metal, thermoplastic, and other materials.

Double Bolt Clamp 4-132 in. to 4-932 in. (1)
Double Bolt Clamp (4-1/32 in. - 4-9/32 in.)

We are developing a double bolt clamp 4-1/32 in. to 4-9/32 in. applicable for different industries namely electronic, industrial, and automotive industries.

Double Bolt Clamp 4-12 In. to 5-14 in.
Double Bolt Clamp (4-1/2 In. to 5-1/4 in.)

Hokare produces double bolt clamps 4-1/2 In. to 5-1/4 in. in multiple designs and specs. We are also capable of providing products in small to large quantities.

Double Bolt Clamp 15-116 in. to 17-12 in.
Double Bolt Clamp (5-15/16 in. - 6-1/2 in.)

Double bolt clamp 5-15/16 in. to 6-1/2 in. is perfect for clamping, strapping, mounting, and positioning wire or hose. It is guaranteed to provide longer service life.

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Hokare Double Bolt Clamp Features

Fully hardened bolt lugs prevent twisting out of alignment.
The basis for clamp torques is dry bolts.

Dual gripping interior surfaces.

High durability and withstand high pressure

Double Bolt Clamp Features
Advantages of Using Our Double Bolt Clamp

Advantages of Using Our Double Bolt Clamp

  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Fast tighten the thumb screw
  • Does not corrode
  • Strong oxidation resistance
Size Part Number From To Number of bolts
#400 DBC-400 3-1/2″ 4″ 2
#525 DBC-525 4-3/16″ 5″ 2
#463 DBC-463 4-1/16″ 4-7/16″ 2
#818 DBC-818 7-11/16″ 8-3/16″ 2
#675 DBC-675 6-1/8″ 6-7/8″ 2
#1450 DB1450 13-3/16’’ 15’’ 2
#1700 DBC-1700 15-1/16″ 17-1/2″ 2
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