Professional Gearbox Housing Manufacturer in China

Hokare is a manufacturer of custom and CNC-machined gearbox housings. We offer gearbox housings with fast delivery, factory-direct prices, and full inspection.

  • Made from iron, aluminum, and more materials
  • Deburring secondary operation
  • Used for the automotive industry
  • Superior material coating and finish

HOKARE Gearbox Housings

Gearbox housings are a type of mechanical housings that protects and surrounds the gearbox’s mechanical components. It encases the gearbox to protect the internal components from different external environmental factors. These are usually made from materials including aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and more.

At HOKARE, we manufacture greabox housings that are available in different weight. We supply gearbox housings to different industries such as commercial, passenger, tractors, and more. All our gearbox housings are fully machined. As a manufacturer, we have QC team, packaging team, and technical crew to provide custom gearboxes according to your requirements.

Cast Aluminum Gearbox Housing
Cast Aluminum Gearbox Housing

We manufacture cast aluminum gearbox housings with different surface finish such as shot blasting, anodized, and more.

CNC Gearbox Engine Housing
CNC Gearbox Engine Housing

Our CNC gearbox engine housings are made from aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, and more materials.

10-Speed Transmission Gearbox Housing
10-Speed Transmission Gearbox Housing

Hokare manufactures 10-speed transmission gearbox housings using aluminum and iron materials to ensure durability.

Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing
Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing

We offer high-quality ductile iron gearbox housings that are manufactured using CNC machines and a sand casting process.

Gearbox Housing for Foton
Gearbox Housing for Foton

All our gearbox housing for Foton is suitable for protecting truck engine parts. These are made from materials such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Gearbox Case Middle Housing
Gearbox Case Middle Housing

We offer gearbox case middle housings with durability and excellent performance. These are commonly used for heavy-duty truck applications.

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Gearbox Housing Specifications and Technical Parameters

Product Type Gearbox Housing
Materials Aluminum, cast iron, steel, mild steel
Surface Treatment Powder coating, chrome finish, and customized
Machining Processes 3-Axis Milling Machine




Secondary Machining Process Deburring
Tolerance +/-0.005
Application Automotive Industry
Weight Up to 2kg.
Gearbox Housing Specifications and Technical Parameters

Choose Hokare as Your Gearbox Housing Supplier

Different Gearbox Housing Classifications
Different Gearbox Housing Classifications
  1. Split Housing. This housing is similar to a walnut shell that is divided into two parts. Its lower part is tied down to the structure of the gearbox. Thus, supporting all the internal components and holding the lubrication oil during the assembly. Its upper part comprises a full enclosure to provide mechanical support. These two parts are perfectly sealed to avoid leaks and fatigue.
  2. Bathtub Housing. It is designed with only one piece with top opening for gearbox servicing. This housing is also designed with a side opening to handle the bearing housing connected to the gear shaft. It provides superior leak-free performance.
Manufacturing Methods of Gearbox Housings
Manufacturing Methods of Gearbox Housings

We manufacture gearbox housings through different processing including:

  • Permanent mold casting
  • Die-casting
  • Shell molding
  • 3-axis CNC machining
  • Profile milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
Custom Gearbox Housing Supplier in China – HOKARE
Custom Gearbox Housing Supplier in China – HOKARE

We manufacture gearbox housings according to your drawings and specifications. All these housings are certified by GGG50, ISO, and more international standards. We offer low MOQ and customized solution to meet your requirements.

What is a Gearbox Housing?

A gearbox housing serves as protection to the gearbox components. It is a casing that provides mechanical support and physical protection.

What are the Materials Used for Gearbox Housing?

Mostly, gearbox housings are made from cast aluminum and iron materials. These are produced through shell molding or mold casting.

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