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Hokare supplies a wide range of Guillemin coupling with a BSP male & female thread, hose tail, and blank caps. It is available in polypropylene and brass materials.
  • Available in DN100, DN65, and DN40 sizes
  • Conforms to NF S61-704 and 705 standards
  • Can be connected with DSP/AR couplings
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    Hokare Guillemin Coupling

    Guillemin coupling is known as a French-type symmetrical system. It is commonly used on tankers for granule and bulk powder transfer. This system is designed for loading/unloading dry & liquid loose substances and industrial installation transferring. Most Guillemin coupling is manufactured according to NF E29572 or EN14420-8 standards.

    Female Thread Guillemin Coupling

    Female Thread Guillemin Coupling

  • Size Range: ¾” – 4”
  • Materials: Stainless-steel, Aluminum
  • Male Thread Guillemin Coupling

  • Size Range: ¾” – 4”
  • Materials: Stainless-steel, Aluminum
  • Short Shank Guillemin Coupling

  • Comes with a lock ring
  • Available Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Male Thread Guillemin Adapter

    Male Thread Guillemin Adapter

  • Can be available with or without a lock ring
  • Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Material
  • Long Hose Shank Guillemin Coupling

    Long Hose Shank Guillemin Coupling

  • Available with lock ring
  • 3/4” – 4” size range
  • Spiral Hose Tail Guillemin Coupling

    Spiral Hose Tail Guillemin Coupling

  • Size Range: 3/4” – 4”
  • Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Hokare Female Coupling Advantage

    Hokare is a leading producer of top-quality Guillemin coupling for more than ten years. We have professional designers and engineers along with our advanced manufacturing tools.  We design them with the following features:

    • A locking system
    • Thick body for excellent abrasion resistance
    • Groove,
    • Double reinforced lugs for excellent impact resistance
    • Dual parts mounted on grip collars
    • Locking ring
    • Clamping raisings

    Coupling Quality Testing

    High-Pressure Resistance Tests: We specifically test up to 1.5 times the standard working pressure to guarantee safety and durability.

    Leak-Proof Verification: Utilizing advanced testing equipment, we meticulously examine each coupling for leaks

    Environmental Compatibility: We also test our couplings for performance in various environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, UV exposure, and moisture, ensuring reliable operation in any setting.

    Guillemin Coupling Application

    Hokare Guillemin coupling is widely used in the following industries:

      • Oil Industry
      • Chemical Industry
      • Fire Protection
      • Paper Manufacture
      • Construction and Metallurgy
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    Guillemin Coupling 2
    Guillemin Coupling 3
    Guillemin Coupling 4

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