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  • HOKARE Metal Pins manufacturing has been servicing a variety of industries since 1997. As a leader in the manufacturing of our precision machined metal Pins and parts, our many years of experience has afforded us to work on many designs.
  • Our steel Metal Pins are all custom Metal Pins, we can customized by any of your material or surface treatment requirement. Main products including Custom Metal Pins, Steel Metal Pins, Stainless steel Metal Pins, Aluminum Metal Pins.
  •  HOKARE Metal Pins manufacturing has Precision machining solutions that are our specialty and we are readily available to discuss your Metal Pins applications. Please feel free to contact us today to learn about our services.


  • Precision Pins Manufacturer

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Metal Pins

CNC Machining Pins
HOKARE provides CNC Machining Metal Pins for many industries. HOKARE not only specializes in CNC machining Metal Pins but also provides you with assembly services. We can be your one-stop CNC machining Service Supplier in this area.
CNC Turning Pins
CNC turning is the common way to make Metal Pins. HOKARE provides you with any CNC Turning Metal Pins designed for use on all NC and CNC machines. We make these using material 12L14 or any other that you request.
CNC Milling Pins
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling Pins,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the Pins by milling process.

Hokare: Your Best Steel & Stainless Steel Metal Pins CNC Manufacturer

For over 20 years, Hokare continues to provide clients with a product which ensures the best solution for and overall value. Due to that, it is our pride to offer you a high-quality CNC Pins. Hokare is a manufacturer of CNC Pins which ensures a precise cutting in accordance to our clients’ specification. Though CNC machining, our CNC Pins functions under numerical control.


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Steel & Stainless Steel Metal Pins CNC Manufacturer

Hokare’s CNC Pins are pneumatically activated in order to enable quick and also repeatable placement to cutting materials towards CNC router.

Through CNC Pins manufactured by Hokare, you can assure that your materials will be straight and acquiring complete pneumatic retraction. You don’t have to worry the collision of the pin into cutting tools.

CNC Pins supplied by Hokare are all extremely robust. These can withstand repeated impacts and cannot be out of the alignment.

Our CNC Pins are mostly suitable and applicable for smaller loads and other earthmoving machines. Through the years, Hokare able to manufacture a CNC Pins which are widely used by heavy-duty equipment. This includes excavators, loaders, dozers, trucks, skids and other types of machine.

Prior to heat treatment, Hokare’s CNC Pins’ hardness will be ranging between 28 to 32 RC. But once it is undergone stress-relieving process and induction hardening, it can expand up to 55 to 60 RC.

Metal Pins

With many years of experience as a CNC Pins manufacturer, Hokare has been renowned as a world leading supplier of CNC Pins intended for safety-related applications and hostile environments.

In manufacturing, we used CNC machines in fabrication and cutting of our CNC Pins. Through this, you can assure that Hokare can give you an accurate and precise CNC Pins based on your given specifications.

Our CNC Pins are custom CNC Pins. We offer you a customized CNC Pins according to your desired surface treatments.

Hokare’s CNC Pins are very essential part of military and automobile industry as it is utilized to control any movement of some mechanical parts. This also makes our CNC Pins a great choice for any high-impact applications.

In China, Hokare is a famous manufacturer of CNC Pins used in critical services such as hex head screws and nuts, socket cap, hex nuts, hex flange, forged fasteners and other types of special CNC Pin configurations.

Hokare has been in CNC Pins manufacturer servicing a various of industry since 1998. As a world leading supplier of CNC Pins, our plenty of experience enables us to create and work on plenty of designs.

We have experts and engineers who can create a design and customize CNC Pins for your applications. Our in-house experience, advanced CNC machines and fast turnaround allow us to be the most trusted CNC Pins supplier as well as manufacturer.

Through providing you consultative support and competitive pricing, we can help you solve problems and prevents costly mistakes.

At Hokare, we can give you high-quality CNC Pins that will surely exceed your expectations. Our CNC Pins are all functional to meet your diverse needs.

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CNC Metal Pins: The complete Guide       

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