Precision Metal Thread Connector

HOKARE, a leading precision metal thread connector manufacturer in China, offers various products, including custom gears, shafts, spacers, and more, our connectors provide reliable seals for multiple applications, extending to materials like PTFE, PVC, and cast iron.


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Why Choose Our Metal Thread Connector?

Different types of CNC Thread Connectors are available in Hokare. Typically, it includes male and female CNC thread connectors, fittings, hose, pipe, and tubing CNC threaded connectors.

We also manufacture pear-shaped CNC Thread Connectors, which limit the movement of chains and ropes. Its wide end allows multiple connectors.

These are all inspected by our QC team through high-tech inspection tools and manufactured according to various parameters and certifications. We guarantee that our CNC thread connectors will arrive in good condition and functional at your place.

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