Precision Washers

We specialize in Precision Metal Washers, offering custom processing and finished products with tolerances up to ±0.005mm. Tailored to your specific needs, our washers are designed for reliability and precision across various applications. Trust us for high-quality solutions that meet your exact specifications.


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Why Us

Why Choose Our Precision Washers?

Our steel Metal Washers are all custom Metal Washers. We can customize any of your material or surface treatment requirements.

As we know, Metal Washers play an essential role in many industries. As one of the biggest Nuts manufacturers in China, we would like to supply your precision Metal Washers with competitive prices and high quality.

HOKARE manufacturing has highly knowledgeable engineers who can design a new Metal Washer and modify or duplicate an existing part for your application. Years of in-house experience, fast turnaround, and the latest CNC machinery have made us a leading custom Metal washer’ supplier.

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