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Our nuts can achieve unrivaled axial positioning accuracy through precise thread matching and advanced locking technology, ensuring consistent and repeatable assembly quality. Whether in high-speed rotating applications or under heavy loads, our precision locknuts maintain superior performance, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and error-free.


Our Precision Locknuts

ELK 304

PL 004

SCM 440


SCM 450


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Why Choose Our Precision Locknuts

The hex-shaped exterior of our threaded nuts allows for straightforward wrench application, making them compatible with socket-cap, bolt, or hex-cap screws. Our CNC hex nuts are a perfect choice for those requiring a robust fastening solution.

We also offer CNC square nuts, characterized by their flat or beveled tops, which enhance surface contact and provide superior resistance against loosening, making them an ideal match for square-head bolts.

For applications where a flush surface is crucial, such as in woodworking or with composite materials, our CNC T-nuts are designed with 3 or 4 prongs that ensure a tight grip and seamless finish.

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