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  • HOKARE manufacturing has highly knowledgeable engineers who can design a new nuts or modify, or duplicate an existing part for your application. Many years of in-house experience , fast turnaround and the latest CNC machinery has made us a leading custom nuts supplier.
  • HOKARE precision nuts are a crucial component of the automobile and military industries. nuts are used to control the movement of mechanical parts and are the logical choice for high-impact applications.
  • HOKARE manufacture engineered nut for critical service and safety-related applications. Forged fasteners; hex head nuts and screws, 12 point flange, hex flange, socket cap, etc., hex nuts, all-metal lock-nuts; all thread studs, tap-end studs, and a variety of special configurations.
  • Precision Nuts manufacturer

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC Nuts

CNC Machining Nuts
HOKARE nuts manufacturing has Precision machining solutions that are our specialty and we are readily available to discuss your nuts applications. we provide you custom metal Nuts upon your design. Our steel Nuts are all custom machining Nuts, we can customized by any of your material or surface treatment requirement. Main products including Custom Nuts, Steel Nuts, Stainless steel Nuts, Aluminum Nuts,
CNC Turning Nuts
CNC turning is the common way to make nuts, HOKARE provide your any CNC Turning Nuts which Designed for use on all CNC machines . We made by material 12L14 or any other you request material .
CNC Milling Nuts
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling Nuts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the Nuts by milling process.

Hokare: Your Best Steel & Stainless Steel Nuts CNC Manufacturer

Hokare is a venerated manufacturer and supplier of CNC nuts in China for over 20 years. Our wide range of CNC nuts are being admired because of its exclusive finishing, longevity and dimensional accuracy. CNC nuts are one of the fasteners that has an internal machined thread. Our CNC nuts are widely used as a conjunction that comes with mating bolt in order to fasten various parts together.


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Steel & Stainless Steel Nuts CNC Manufacturer

Hokare is professionally fast-growing manufacturer of various CNC nuts types. Our wide array of CNC nuts includes CNC cap nuts.

Its other name is acorn nut which has a dome top which prevents contact to external threads. We are also a supplier of CNC castle nuts which is known to be used along a cotter pin that prevents loosening.

It is known as slotted or castellated nuts that have a slot in its top. These types of CNC nuts are widely used in a low-torque application like wheel bearing.

As additional to that, CNC coupling nuts are also in Hokare. A CNC coupling nut is a threaded fastener utilized to connect two male thread such as threaded rod.

The outside part of our CNC threaded nuts is hex-shaped so that wrench can be driven into it. Aside from that, you can also find CNC hex nuts at Hokare.

These nuts are being used in fastening into socket-cap screw, bolt or hex-cap screw. It is shaped with an internal thread and can be driven by a wrench.

Moreover, Hokare is a manufacturer of CNC square nuts in China that maybe beveled or flat on top. It provides a more surface contact and offers great loosening resistance.

It is also commonly mated with a square-head bolts. If you need CNC T-nuts, Hokare has plenty to offer. Mostly, CNC T-nuts are utilized in fastening woods, composite or particle which leaves flush surface.

CNC T-nuts from Hokare feature 4 or 3 prongs which sinks towards the surface which provides a better retention.

Apart from it, avail our CNC nuts such as CNC wing nuts at Hokare. It has wings on opposite side of its body which allows manual installation and turning.

CNC Nuts

Furthermore, Hokare offers most types of CNC nuts such as CNC Tri-groove nuts, CNC shear or breakaway nuts, CNC Heavy Hex structural nuts, CNC slotted-hex nuts, CNC Stover nuts, CNC nylon insert-lock nuts, CNC knurled-thumb nuts, CNC Keps-K nuts, CNC small pattern hex nuts, CNC heavy-hex nuts, CNC hex-jam nuts and CNC flanged-serrated nuts. Surely, Hokare is your one-stop-solution for all of your CNC nuts problems.

The given range of CNC nuts manufactured by Hokare are made using superior grade raw materials just like steel, alloy steel, bronze, brass, aluminum and chrome.

These CNC nuts are manufactured under strict supervision of our professional team. In order to fit your requirements, our CNC nuts are in different grades and sizes.

Since our establishments, our CNC services, products and parts are guaranteed to have an excellent level of customer satisfaction. If you need more details about our CNC nuts, please contact us with the earliest time!

CNC Nuts: The complete Guide  

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