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Hokare is a leading manufacturer of pump housing that works to protect the inside of the pump from the atmosphere and prevent leakage.

  • Optimize wear performance
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Offers low roughness value
  • Provide overpressures strength

Hokare Pump Housing

The pump housing is a mechanical tool designed to give enough pressure for a liquid that moves throughout the system. This is designed to meet the demand application for different industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, etc. It is sturdy enough to be resistant to pressure and stresses that happen when it works.

We can provide a one-stop pump housing solution for your business. Hokare offers customized services from different designs, sizes, and colors. Aside from that, our company can give you a professional team to provide you with quality assurance, aftersales service, low MOQ, and fast delivery together at an affordable price.

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Die Casting High Pressure Pump Housing
Die Casting High Pressure Pump Housing

We manufactured die-casting pump housing that can stand for high pressures. It is made from aluminum alloy to provide the best performance.

Aluminum Alloy Pump Couple Motor Housing
Aluminum Alloy Pump Couple Motor Housing

The aluminum alloy pump couple motor housing is made from die casting, deburring, and machinery processing methods. It is available in customized sizes.

Steel Sand Casting Pump Housing
Steel Sand Casting Pump Housing

Our steel sand casting pump housing is made with a surface treatment such as surface passivation, polish, and as per the customer’s request.

Water Filter Pump Housing
Water Filter Pump Housing

Hokare provides water filter pump housing that is widely used for water filtration systems and water reuse systems. Is made from different grades of stainless steel like 304, and 316.

Alcohol Filtering System Pump Housing
Alcohol Filtering System Pump Housing

The alcohol filtering system pump housing is applicable for manufacturing plants, food & beverages factories, energy, and mining, water treatment machine, etc.

Centrifuge Lenticular Filter Pump Housing
Centrifuge Lenticular Filter Pump Housing

Our centrifuge lenticular filter pump housing is available in different colors such as blue, green, and customize. It is a design that used a double separator concept.

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Why Choose Pump Housing from Hokare


The pump housing is demonstrated as pretty strong and has the ability to bear stresses. It is made from cast iron which is hard enough to withstand pressures.


The pump housing that is made from cast iron materials is very durable and able to provide long-lasting service. It is less replacement and maintenance.

Casting Ability

Cast iron offers a good casting ability. It can be cast into any design and shape with good surface finishes. That, it allows for making different pump housing applications.

Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion Resistant

Due to materials made for pump housing, we ensure that it can withstand corrosion. This property supports the pump to work effectively.

Materials Used to Make Pump Housing

Our pump housing is commonly made from one of the most popular casting materials which the ductile cast iron or gray iron. The cast iron is designed which able to withstand very well and needs more rear replacements.

We manufactured casting pump housing from cad image depending on your designs. Hokare also does molding from materials needed for pump housing thrown into tolerance needed.

Materials Used to Make Pump Housing
Casting of Pump Housing

Casting of Pump Housing

The pump housing is designed to contribute to the pump fee to a large level. It is made in different casting challenging processes to meet the corrosion resistance. We must ensure that the pump housing wall is sturdy enough to withstand pressure and pressure that is impost by the pump. It is available in large diameters to accommodate pumps with enough permits for efficient operations and installations.

Pump Housing Features

We manufactured pump housing that offers different features such as:

  • Provide high performance
  • Resistant to high pressures
  • High strength
  • Available in different, shapes, designs, and sizes.
  • Very sturdy pump body parts
  • Can stand against stresses and more.
Pump Housing Features

Pump Housing for Different Industries

Mining Industry
Mining Industry

The pump housing is applicable to the mining industry. It provides high wear and extended lifetime in operating conditions, especially for high temperatures, high thermal loads, and subsequent cooling from ambient air. Aside from that, it is high abrasions for environments.

oil & gas
Oil & Gas

The pump housing is made from cast iron which is fabricated wear, replaceable, and heat and abrasion resistant and is very useful for challenging conditions in oil and gas drilling applications. We deliver proven innovative quality pump housing and value add a custom solutions for the gas and oil industry.

What are pump Housing?

The pump housing is a pump component that is designed to hold the pumps. The pumps are very massive or miniature. This pump housing mainly functions by accepting fluids through the inlet and sending them through outlets after increasing the pressures. It can receive a fluid that is hot or even cold.

What are the other industry that pump housing is applicable?

The pump housing is applicable for other industrial applications such as:

  • For heavy equipment
  • Pallet car components parts
  • Power
  • Rail
  • Food and beverages processing and more.
How do diesel injection pump housing works?

The pumping housing works when diesel fuel is added to the pump and then it moves into the chamber ahead of combustions. As the latter moves, it creates an all-important opening for fuel that enters the combustion chambers. Meaning that this motion creates the necessary force to compress the air in the chamber and creates the heat needed to ignite the fuel.


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