Precision Stainless Steel Parts

  • HOKARE are available for the stainless steel material: 201, 202, 302, 303, 304, 316, 410, 420, 430
  • HOKARE precision stainless steel Parts provide you±0.01mm tolerance or even more strictly based on high quality requirement.
  • No matter is sample fabrication or batch of production, we can expedite your mission as early as 7 days.

HOKARE Capabilities on CNC stainless steel Parts

Hokare has the strong capabilities on any CNC machined stainless steel parts, we can custom any stainless steel parts with the machining process.
HOKARE provides your CNC turning service or lathe service in China with a measurement of 25-inch length, tight tolerance ±0.0002inch
No matter it’s a simply drilling or a complex milling stainless steel parts,HOKAREhave the expert team to give you the suggestion of the stainless steel parts by milling process.

CNC Stainless Steel Parts Manufacturer in China

Hokare is a manufacturer of Stainless-steel Parts are commonly made up of stainless steel 420, stainless steel 416, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 303.

All our stainless-steel parts have a great corrosion resistance which is subjected to resist hostile corrosive conditions. These stainless-steel parts are also made with materials which can be machined easily.

CNC Stainless Steel Parts 

Stainless Steel Parts from Hokare have undergone processing equipment such as CNC turning, drilling machine and so on. In addition, Stainless Steel Parts manufactured by Hokare have polishing, anodized, plating, inactivation, heat treatment, powder coating and other types of surface treatments. These surface treatments of our stainless-steel parts strengthen and protects the workpiece. It also covers the defects of the workpiece’s surface. With Hokare, you can have a stainless-steel part which is improved performance and enhanced competitive ability.

Various applications of our stainless-steel parts typically include cables, weld ferrules, electronic parts, engine parts, pressure tanks, automotive parts, lab and hospital instruments, medical devices, marine parts and handles.

Moreover, is Hokare an expert supplier of stainless-steel parts which have served many different industries particularly transportation, construction, mining, pharmaceutical, military, industrial, aerospace, automotive and so much more. All of stainless-steel parts supplied by Hokare have met the ISO 9001:2008 standard and military specifications in order to achieve accuracy and precision of the parts.

Our stainless-steel parts come in varying sizes and shapes according to your specification and desired application. At Hokare, we are committed in giving you competitive price but a high-quality stainless-steel part.

Hokare is an expert and professional when it comes to manufacturing stainless-steel parts. Through our 20 years of experience, we became the most trusted manufacturer of stainless-steel parts in China and other part of the world. Our design team is ready to work with you to meet your prototyping demand. At Hokare, we are your one stop manufacturer for all of your stainless-steel part needs.

Though machining stainless-steel can be difficult sometimes, Hokare knows how to manufacture an excellent stainless-steel part. Through the past years, we have accumulated many stainless-steel parts working experiences. This low maintenance stainless-steel parts supplied by Hokare are ideal for various applications where corrosion resistance and strength are both required.

In China, Hokare also specializes on manufacturing stainless-steel parts offering more specialized expertise especially for your requirements. At Hokare, you can always find stainless-steel parts especially the hard to locate ones.

Choose Hokare to be your premium manufacturer of stainless-steel parts for your business. Whether you need stainless-steel parts for your industry, Hokare always got you covered! We offer rapid delivery, competitive price and full inspection of our stainless-steel parts before shipments! Because of that, our stainless-steel parts are guaranteed to customer satisfaction.

If you have questions or queries about Hokare’s stainless-steel parts, don’t hesitate to contact us. The earlier the better. Send us your quote now and we will be working with it the sooner! At Hokare, we will bring all of your ideas in to reality!       

Why you should choose HOKARE CNC machined parts in China:

HOKARE provide your one-stop CNC machining service in China:

1: 50sets of CNC automatic machines and 10sets of die casting machines

2: over 20 years of machining experience since 1998

3: 60 well-trained workers to ensure delivery and quality.

4: direct factory competitive price

5: 100% inspection before shipment

6: one-stop resources for the surface treatment and technical process

8: within 24 hours response service and solution

9: short lead time delivery

10: convenient transportation location to Ningbo port

11: flexible payment term

12: every batch of production can be traced

13: efficiency after service

14: advanced inspection tool

15: ISO9001:2008 certificated

17: over 70% of orders from Long Term Customers.

18: follow up support from the design stage.

19: good responding from customers

20: Good teamwork cooperation

As one of the biggest CNC machining manufacturer in China, we would like to be your machining supplier in China.