Storz Coupling Supplier in China

Hokare is a world-leading Storz Coupling manufacturer in China. We supply an extensive range of Storz coupling including

Storz external thread, Storz internal thread, Storz tail, Storz cover, and Storz reducer. These can be quick connected to the same size coupling.

  • Easy connection and installation
  • High-performance fittings
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Available in aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and brass

Hokare Storz Coupling

Storz couplings are frequently used as fire hose couplings or fittings. Made according to German standards (DIN143). It is typically made of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. Storz couplings are symmetrical non-shut-off couplings. These couplings are ideal for working with water, acids, and other fluids. It can be applied as connecting couplings for connecting different hose types.

Hokare has specialized in Storz coupling manufacturing for many years. We have a massive stock of Storz coupling in standard sizes and specifications, also available in full customization. Buy with confidence here at Hokare.

Storz Blind Cap With Chain
Storz Blind Cap With Chain

Lug clamping connection, aluminum forged body structure, rubber NBR seal or customized. Corrosion and wear resistant.

Storz Coupling With Female Thread
Storz Coupling With Female Thread

Storz coupling with female thread has 2 seals to prevent divulge. Durable and versatile, high performance fittings.

Storz Coupling With Flange
Storz Coupling With Flange

Perfect for 15 to 200 °C (5 to 392 °F) temperatures. Available in sizes:1-1/2″-6″, Material:  aluminum, brass with NBR gasket.

Storz Couplings Male BSP Thread Fittings
Storz Couplings Male BSP Thread Fittings

Quick connect and disconnect of fittings male thread connection. Suitable for fire fighting, irrigation, oil applications, and more.

Storz Hose Tail Coupling
Storz Hose Tail Coupling

Easy to install Storz hose tail coupling, with long service life,  good sealing, not easy to fall off. Perfect for irrigation, oil, chemical industry, etc.

Storz Suction Hose Coupling
Storz Suction Hose Coupling

Used in refinery, military, and civil protection applications. Resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, rust, etc.

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Why Choose Hokare Storz Coupling

Wide Range Of Sizes
Wide Range Of Sizes

Storz coupling is available in 1-8 inches diameter. (25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, etc.)

Easy Connect
Easy Connect

Storz coupling can be connected to hoses quite quickly and easily. Not easily detach with good sealing.

OEM/ODM Designs
OEM/ODM Designs

Hokare offers OEM/ODM Storz coupling with your logo, m,aterial and custom packaging at any quantity.

Certified Fittings
Certified Fittings

All Storz coupling is manufactured in accordance to CCCF, ISO, DIN, JIS, etc.

Storz Coupling High-Quality Material and Advanced Process

Storz couplings are made from common materials such as:

  • Stainless Steel – excellent corrosion resistance, temperature resistant, very durable material
  • Brass – low-friction, high-strength, malleable, and easily machined metal for Storz coupling production.
  • Aluminium – rust-resistance, machined and molded quickly to form Storz coupling. Solid and durable, withstand acids, water, etc.

For firefighting applications, Storz couplings can be manufactured by forging to ensure the coupling’s safety and durability. We also use the casting method for general hose connection and low-pressure applications.

Storz Coupling
Storz Coupling

Advantages Using Hokare Storz Coupling

  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • More durable and less prone to breaking
  • 16 bar maximum operating pressure (232 psi).
  • Silicone, FPM, NBR, NBR white suitable replacement seals
  • Quick-release, symmetrical coupling
  • Resistance to contamination
  • High, unrestricted flow rate
  • High-performance fittings

Storz Coupling Wide Range of Applications

Storz couplings can be used for fire protection systems. It connects fire hose, PVC pipe, and other low-pressure pipes. Due to their excellent resistance against corrosion, acids, and water, they are widely used for industries such as:

  • Refineries
  • Agricultural
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry,
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Maritime safety
  • Military, etc.
Storz Coupling
Storz Coupling

Storz Coupling Lug Distance

The lug distance makes Storz couplings simple to recognize. Using a pair of calipers, measure the interior space between the lugs of a coupling to determine its lug distance. The most popular Storz couplings and their lug distances are listed below. Frequently referred to with a letter classification.

Lug distance 89 mm B-couplings
Lug distance 133 mm A-couplings
Lug distance 66 mm C-couplings
Lug distance 31 mm D-couplings

Reliable Storz Coupling Manufacturer in China

Storz Coupling
Storz Coupling

Storz couplings are suitable for different fire equipment, hose, fire pipelines, fire hydrant, and hose connections. It offers a quick connection that saves labor, good sealing, and is difficult to detach. The seals are made of high-quality Viton, EPDM, NBR rubber (white or black), silicone, and other materials. We use high-tech methods like casting and forging to ensure strong mechanical properties, lightweight, and durability.

Hokare is committed to supplying high-quality Storz coupling for your project and applications. We have in-house production facilities, advanced manufacturing techniques, and a production line. All fittings are manufactured carefully in compliance with DIN quality assurance, BSP, EN, ISO 228, NPT, NPSH, and NH certifications. It follows strict quality control from raw materials, production processes, packing, and delivery. We offer low MOQ, full customization, and OEM / ODM services. Message us right away for your orders!

Storz Coupling
Storz Hose Connections

Storz couplings come in a wide range of connections and types. The most typical are:

  • Male or female thread
  • Hose pillar
  • Elbow rotatable hose pillar
  • Flange connection
  • Storz reducer
Storz Coupling
Why Buy Storz Couplings from HOKARE
  • Hokare pays special attention to raw material selection.
  • We use cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality Storz couplings.
  • Skilled workers to ensure product quality.
  • Strict quality control and inspection.
  • 24/7 online assistance, before and after-sale service.
  • Fast lead time and delivery.

Custom Storz Coupling for Your Next Project

Aluminium Storz Coupling
Aluminium Storz Coupling
  • Forged Aluminum(6061)
  • Male and Female thread BSP
  • 16 Bar maximum working pressure
  • Suitable for deck wash hoses, water hoses, and fire hoses.
  • Hard Anodized, Anodic Oxidation Treatment, etc.
Brass Storz Coupling
Brass Storz Coupling
  • For use with fire hoses
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust
  • Tested thoroughly before the delivery
  • Available in different types and sizes of coupling standards
Stainless Steel Storz Coupling
Stainless Steel Storz Coupling
  • Stainless Steel-316L Material
  • Fast connection and release by twisting 120°
  • Maximum operating pressure is 16 bar (232 psi).
  • Temperatures between -15 to 200 °C (5 to 392 °F)

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