T-Bolt Clamp Manufacturer

Hokare manufactures T-bolt clamps that can offer uniform sealing pressure for a reliable and positive seal.we offer T-bolt clamps in huge quantities and to many industries and businesses. We have the craftsmanship and we used the best quality materials to manufacture the T-bolt clamps to secure your connections together.


Hokare T-Bolt Clamp Products

300 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps

300 Stainless Steel Clamps

304 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps

304 Stainless Steel Clamps

Clamps with Rounded Band Edges

T-Bolt Spring Clamps

T-Bolt Spring Clamps

T-Bolt Yellow Zinc-Plated Clamp

T-Bolt Yellow Zinc-Plated Clamp

2-2.32” T-Bolt Clamps

2-2.32” T-Bolt Clamps

1 ¼-1 3_8” T-Bolt Clamps

1 ¼-1 3/8” T-Bolt Clamps

2.60-2.91” T-Bolt Clamps

1-1 ½” T-Bolt Clamps

1-1 ½” T-Bolt Clamps


Why Us

Why Choose Our Coupling

Our T-bolt clamps are made from various stainless-steel grades that comply with the AISI and other important international standards. They are also zinc-plated in accordance with industry requirements. You can also request a specific material for the T-bolt clamps. And you can be confident that you will get your requested material.

Innovative Design

Our T-bolt clamps feature a unique streamlined design that reduces the risk of damage to hose surfaces.

Quick Installation

Our clamps are designed for efficiency and are quick and easy to install.

Tightening Mechanism

The T-bolt design utilizes a robust tightening mechanism for more precise tension adjustments.

Corrosion Resistance

Special anti-corrosion coating treatment extends service life for use in corrosive environments.

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T-bolt clamps Application

T-bolt clamps can be used in large diameter and high vibration applications. These kinds of applications are common in:

  • off-road equipment
  • heavy trucks and truck exhaust
  • agricultural irrigation for water hoses, filter bags, and water pump hoses
  • agricultural machinery
  • industrial machinery
  • motorcycle exhaust systems

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